EMTAS Code of Practice

Since first published in 2017, The EMTAS Code of Practice has helped raise standards and change practice for training organizations and trainers. The Code aims to help bring consistency to the development and delivery of training courses, and to the governance, policies, and procedures of the persons and organizations where the training courses are delivered.

It recognizes the key contributions of the person and organizations that purchase training, the organizations that provide training, and of the individual trainers themselves. This edition of the Code of Practice is a significant revision that takes into account recent developments.  The Code is relevant to electronic music training providers, individual trainers as well as education, and publishing organizations.

The EMTAS Accreditation Scheme is based on this Code of Practice.

Second edition

THE EMTAS CODE OF PRACTICE FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC TRAINING costs £10 and can be delivered in a PDF format direct from us. To order your copy, please contact us at support@emtas.org