Application for EMTAS approval

This form should be used by all education providers seeking EMTAS approval for:

  • Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Publications
  • Short courses or individual modules not leading to an award.
  • Post-registration programmes including those leading to EMTAS accreditation as a Practice Educator.

Education providers seeking CPD APP endorsement for study/CPD events or resources see the information here.

    Are you requesting an organization or individual to be EMTAS approved?*

    Are you requesting a publication to be EMTAS approved?*

    Are all your tutors qualified and/or experienced in the field?*

    Do you need the assessor to be a critical friend?*

    Application Fees

    The small print

    Changes to placements and placement capacity will be added to the curent approval and will expire at the same time as the programme with which they are associated.

    Shared modules
    In order for the programme to be approved all modules must be considered by an EMTAS Assessor(s). This includes shared, interprofessional or multi-disciplinary modules which may have been validated by the education provider at a separate event.

    Approval fees

    Assessors will not be allocated until the appropriate fee has been paid or a purchase order for the fee has been received. If the fee or a purchase order number has not been received within 4 weeks of the application form, the approval request will be closed.

    Assessor appointment
    The education team will endeavor to appoint an assessor as soon as possible.  However, this process can take in the region of 4 weeks due to assessor and EMTAS education team availability.  After the form is submitted we will be in touch again by email once an assessor has been appointed.

    Approval timescales
    The length of the approval process varies depending on the complexity of the education provision. Approvals will not be backdated or given retrospectively. You are advised to leave plenty of time between application and running the programme for the first time.

    Conflicts of interest
    EMTAS will do its best to avoid assigning an assessor who may have a conflict of interest with the applying institution. However, it is not possible for us to keep a record of all assessors’ links with other education providers. Applicants are advised to check their institution’s conflict of interest policy prior to applying for CPD Approval.  Please consider your past, present, and future external examiners when completing this field.

    EMTAS data protection fair collection notice
    EMTAS will use the information supplied by you for purposes associated with education such as the administration of events, research, promotion and fundraising, processing award applications and maintaining education records.

    Further information
    If you require further information on the approval process, Assessors or fees then please contact us.