Electronic music training is an unregulated industry. It is often abused with material that holds little educational value and employs exaggerated or deceptive marketing strategies with a poor ethical approach to the audio software. Students find themselves in a minefield of misinformation, learning and practicing misguided dogmas and encouraged to adopt an unethical approach to software. This not only affects the educational learning industry as a whole but also software developers and ultimately, confusion and frustration on the student’s behalf.

EMTAS consists of a number of seasoned, experienced professionals, instructors, developers and college boards forming the EMTAS Accreditation Board (EAB). The purpose of this board is to develop policies and advise on all aspects of the approval and accreditation and focuses on universal elements of content from training providers. The purpose is to support trainers to improve their content quality and performance. This enables providers to demonstrate there is an ethical, knowledgeable focus to training that is supported by evidence-based practice and approach.

For the provider:

EMTAS Accreditation demonstrates to your clients:

  • That you, as an individual or organization, are consistently reviewing your products/tutorials.
  • That you perform continued professional development.
  • That you are transparent.
  • That you are assessed by an independent organization.
  • That you have an ethical approach to the audio software that you use.
  • That you take pride in the quality of your training.

For the trainee:

It gives the trainee reassurance that:

  • They receive the advertised product.
  • The provider is performing Continued Professional Development
  • An event, programme, tutorial, or short course meets the professional body’s required standards.
  • The provider has a procedure in place to review their training material on a regular basis.
  • The provider is ethical in their approach.

Why work with EMTAS?

We work with organizations on an individual level. We are aware that providers vary from independent providers to large organizations. Our standards reflect this and are obtainable by instructors that are both knowledgeable and passionate about the education in electronic music.

We work with an evidence-based process of external validation of the quality of training programmes delivered to the education sectors. The fundamental process of accreditation is the provision of evidence that the applicant training organization’s curriculum and trainers comply with all of the criteria set out in the EMTAS Code of Practice (2017).


EMTAS can accredit individuals and education providers running an approved course. Accreditation of education providers will form part of the approval process.

For further information please contact support@emtas.org