Learning approval and accreditation

The Electronic Music Training Accreditation Scheme works in partnership with academic departments and individuals to ensure that all programmes of education and training related to electronic dance music, maintain, and continue to develop the highest standards of practice.

EMTAS provides external scrutiny of electronic music e-learning providers, in an otherwise unregulated industry. The scheme focuses on the universal elements of content from training providers and offers support to improve. The scheme is an evidence-based process of external validation of the quality and integrity of training programmes delivered to the education sectors and/or individuals. The process of accreditation is the provision of evidence that the applicant training organization’s curriculum, tutorials, and trainers comply with all of the criteria set out in the EMTAS Code of Practice (2017). This includes ensuring:

  • Educators are appropriately experienced.
  • Educators have the necessary skills.
  • Educators provide the service advertised and do not make false promises (e.g. guarantee a “hit” record).
  • Educators maintain an ethical approach to the software used in the material.

We do not endorse specific techniques but instead focus on the educational values of the training programs. Above all, the focus is on ensuring that there is an ethical, knowledgeable focus to training that is supported by evidence-based practice.

Organisations and individuals who provide EMTAS-accredited training are required to promote:

  • A balance of pro-active approaches for training students.
  • A strong focus on the quality and accuracy of the educational material.
  • Reasonable access to the tutor or a knowledgeable support system for the subject covered.

Students often identify that the EMTAS Training Accreditation Scheme forms part of their decision when looking for training programs. Additionally, an event, programme, video tutorial or short course that has been endorsed by the EMTAS has demonstrated that the content meets the professional body’s required standards for Continued Professional Development (CPD) and a number of core CPD outcomes.


EMTAS can accredit individuals and education providers running an approved course. Accreditation of education providers will form part of the approval process. Both individuals and organizations can apply by completing the application form here. All approvals must be ratified by the EMTAS Accreditation Board (EAB). Please see the EAB for details of the dates the board convenes.

Short courses

Short courses are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to update their knowledge and skills and may also be used to assess or confirm competence.  The document, EMTAS Short Course Approval, contains further information about the short course approval process and can be emailed on request.

  • Short courses may be offered by the UK or international education institutions, equipment manufacturers, commercial companies etc.
  • It is unlikely that a short course would contribute academic credit and as such is unlikely to make a significant contribution to a postgraduate award.
  • There may be assessment associated with the course but there is unlikely to be a prolonged period of study.

For further information please contact us at support@emtas.org